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Killing the Past by Janice Hall

After Maggie O’Brien’s fiancé was killed in Vietnam, she gets on with her life. His death charts her career path as an army officer. Twenty-three years later when she’s assigned to the Pentagon, she discovers he’s not dead. And he’s not who she thought he was. People he knew begin dying, and Maggie’s not sure whether he’s the killer—or will be the next victim.
Price: $15.95


Art Attack by Janice Hall

Artists run amok at the 2006 Great Gulfcoast Arts Festival! The idyllic setting of Seville Square provides a canvas for murder and mayhem. The trouble starts when an obnoxious artist, Manolo Friedman, proves to be a pain in the palette. From there, things go consistently—and literally—down the Port-a-let. And a killer’s painting the park red.
Price: $16.95

Blood Ties by Janice Hall

After a brutal rape and beating causes Taylor Walker Campbell to miscarry, the fictional panhandle town of Walker, Fla., rallies around her. She soon discovers her retired judge father ordered the attack to “protect” her after he discovered her brief affair with a 14-year-old black neighbor. Her life begins a downward spiral when those around her prove to be hiding secrets, some which could prove to be deadly.
Price: $19.95

Peckerheads by Janice Hall

Cissy Norton comes across a whole passel of peckerheads in the fictional east Texas town of Sweetbriar. Peckerheads spans 26 years of Cissy’s life, starting with her marriage to “worthless as tits on a tomcat” Bobby Ray Riggs to her best friend LaWanda’s brother, Randy Wilkerson. An obstacle to her happily ever after with Randy may well be Cissy’s subject matter in her paintings: naked men.
Price: $19.95

(Un)Gone by Janice Hall

At 13, Polly Cates had a hard time adjusting to her father’s new fiancée; her mother died when she was a baby, and she’s never had to “share” him before. On her father’s wedding day, he accidentally turns Polly into a polliwog. As everyone (except the wicked bride-to-be and her two brat offspring) searches for Polly, neighbors and friends rally in a weird and wonderful way. The neighborhood recluse joins forces with Polly’s artist father and pens The Polliwog Princess, a fairy tale included in the book.
Price: $11.95

Deadly Ties by Janice Hall

This sequel to Blood Ties finds Taylor Walker awaiting the trial of the nemesis who tried to kill her. Her love life gets complicated by the arrival of a Cuban-American architect—who may have strangled his pregnant fiancée in Miami. A crime wave strikes the tiny panhandle town of Walker, Fla., where the crimes are somehow tied to Taylor. One murder mimics the dead socialite’s: This time the murder weapon is Taylor’s red bra: The work of the Miami killer or a copycat? Once again Taylor finds herself in a life-or-death situation with a crazed killer.
Price: $21.95


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