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Unbroken Circles for Schools

Unbroken Circles for Schools, Training Scenarios



Ken Johnson

Ken is a multi-award winning author, a social scientist (a.k.a. culturalist), and a conflict dynamics specialist with numerous op-ed columns and articles to his credit.

Starting college at the age of 16, Ken's training and education is diverse. In addition to his degrees in business administration and social sciences, he has special training as a Restorative Justice facilitator, certification through the Florida Supreme Court as a Certified County Court Mediator, and he is a certified US Department of Agriculture mediator.

Being a seventh generation Floridian, community and culture are important to Ken. In addition to being heavily involved in his tribe, he has served on numerous non-profit and governmental panels and boards. For his good works, Ken Johnson was commissioned as a Colonel of Kentucky in 2005.

Collaborative Justice (the merging of various Alternative Dispute Resolution and Restorative Justice practices into one practice) is a passion for him. By using his knowledge of culture and conflict, he works to better the lives of our nation's children while also consulting with churches, businesses, schools, and civic groups to help them understand and overcome conflict-based obstacles.

He can be contacted through his publisher at His book, Unbroken Circles for Schools, can be purchased directly from his publisher at