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Book 1: Dragon Master Series: Dragon Medallions by Vicki Shankwitz

Description: Skye, Jailynn, and Phrena, 17-year-old girls, attend high school at Hirkami Castle. One of the girl’s pastimes was to explore the unoccupied parts of the castle. During one of these searches, the girls happened upon a room full of treasures. There, Skye found a golden medallion with a dragon’s head engraved on one side. Later, the three girls unwittingly traveled through a magic portal to the land of Corux. Corux is a parallel world of ancient ways. It is a land of magic, mages, and royalty. And a dragon awakens…
Price: $12.95

Book 2: Dragon Master Series: Dragon Awakenings by Vicki Shankwitz

Description: Continuing on the Journey they started in Book 1: Dragon Medallions, Skye, Phrena, and Jailynn find themselves in a strange world of Corux where dragons live, magic is commonplace, but strife thrives. Sumner, a good mage, helps the girls travel across Corux to search for the remaining dragon medallions and the golden dragon statue. With these, Skye can awaken the dragons. Then they must fight the Red Mage Mesant.
Price: $14.95

Goodnight Gecko by Megan Pitts with Vicki Shankwitz

Description: Little Gecko has big dreams. Who will he be tonight? 
Price: $9.95

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