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Scions of Azazyel: War in Heaven


Robert Wheeler

In the War in Heaven series, Angelica is recruited by the Archangel Gabriel to join him on a quest to find the lost angels who left heaven and came to earth to battle Satan long ago and were worshiped as gods of the old world.  She discovers that she has angelic blood from the lost Archangel Azazyel.  She and her brother Jonah must find magical talismans and gather allies from among the creatures of fairy as they search the Nine Realms for Odin, Zeus and Poseidon, three of the twelve Archangels of heaven.


Azazyel was buried alive before the great flood for his sins.  He had taken a mortal wife and had taught mankind forbidden secrets.  His tomb was lost when the single land mass Pangea was broken apart during the flood.  Only those of his bloodline have the power to find him.  He must be convinced to join Godís army before Armageddon begins or all may be lost.


The righteous Archangels are not the only ones who seek for Azazyel.  Satan seeks his younger brother to win him over to the armies of darkness.  The vampires who come from the curse of Cain seek him as well.  They believe that if they can drink the blood of an Archangel that it will give them the power of flight so that they may battle the angels as equals and assault heaven.


Time is short.  The dragons awake from their long slumber and answer the call of their wicked master Satan.  The gnomes and dwarves have been caught up in their war for five hundred years.  Can they be convinced to make peace so that they may join the forces of good?  What of the elves?  The fairies, the Olympians and the Atlanteans?  Will they side with good or evil in the last great battle of our age.  Join Angelica and her brother Jonah on this epic adventure as they develop their angelic abilities while under constant assault from the forces of evil.


Reviews have compared War in Heaven by RK Wheeler to Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit and the Girl with the Dragon Tatoo.  Discover for yourself this magic world of fantasy.


In The Witch of Endor, Lilith is born with the ability to see and converse with the spirits of the dead.  Later she develops magic that had lain dormant until she reached puberty.  She could not control the magic in those early years, so her parents had to move from Nazareth to Endor.


One day a man walked through the doors of her magic shop named Lamech.  He desired to have her train him in the mystic arts.  Their nightly meetings led to more than palm readings and magic tricks.  She was in love in his arms.  But still doubts nagged at her mind.  She had never seen him by day and had never seen him eat.  Was it another woman?  She had to know for sure.  She followed him before dawn one night to a cave.  What she discovered was not what she had ever dreamed and it would change her life forever.


The Witch of Endor is a love story of paranormal proportions.  If you are a fan of romance and you enjoy a good vampire story thatís a bit scary, then pull up the blanket and delve in to this book.


RK Wheeler likes a good plot twist full of action and surprises and he hopes you do to.