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Minutes of Meeting
April 12, 2011

I   The meeting was called to order by Cas Dunlap, GCA President, at 4:00 p.m.  The number of members in attendance constituted a quorum.  Members were asked to introduce themselves. 

Members in attendance were:  Cas Dunlap, President, Susan Lewis, Vice President, Anne Dunlap, Treasurer, Charlie Davis, Secretary, Sandra Davis, Associate Treasurer, Jim Jowers, Linda Wasserman, George Tate, Tex Atkinson, Art Giberson, Peter Booth, Hazel Hall, Susan Anderson, Frits Forrer, Albert Baggott, Tommie Lyn Blackburn, Patti Gauvin, and Kathleen Logan.

Guests:  Mr. Ron Gauvin  

II The Minutes were emailed to the members. A motion was made to waive the reading of the minutes and to approve them as submitted.  It passed                         

III. The Treasurer’s report, which was emailed to the membership, was read and approved.  The current balance is $2,660.74.


            A.  Three venues were pending from the February and ten additional venues were discussed.  The membership voted on participation as follows: 

1.      Jazz Festival.  Vote unanimous to pay $100 fee early to secure the same location at next year’s festival.

2.      Blueberry Bash, June 23 from 8:00-2:00p.m. at ARC Santa Rosa , 6225 Dixie Road , Milton .  Patti Gauvin volunteered as Event Coordinator with assistance of Art Giberson.

3.      Navarre Beach Fun Fest, April 29, 30. $100 fee.   Patti Gauvin volunteered as Event Coordinator with assistance from Susan Lewis.

4.      Greater FWB Chamber Of Commerce, Billy Bowlegs Festival, June 3, 4.  No interest.

5.      Ensley Arts & Crafts Festival at Church of the Nazarene, August, 2011. Decision pending

6.      Shrimp Festival, October 13-16, 2011.  Gulf Shores , Fee: $275, conflicts with the Fairhope event.  No interest.

7.      Elberta Sausage Festival, October 29, 2011.  No interest.

8.      Hadji Shrine event. October, 2011.  No interest.

9.      Alabama Pecan Festival, November 5-7, 2011, Brady Run Road, Mobile, $50 outside, $75 inside fee, same time as the Greater Gulf Coast Arts & Crafts Festival.  Decision pending.

10.  Mayfest.  No interest.

11.  Market Basket, Civic Center, Pensacola , November 16-20, 2011.  Decision of membership was not to participate this year.

12.  Mistletoe Market Basket, FWB, $600 fee.  Membership voted to subsidize fee with Sally money.

 V.                 NEW BUSINESS:  

A. Susan Lewis distributed a copy of the Mission Statement to the Membership who had not received a copy via email and requested that everyone read the Statement, ask any questions and refer to them when questions arise.

 B. Art Giberson reminded the membership that we are not competitors, but colleagues with the goal of selling our books.  We encourage the sale of everyone’s books.  He reported that he was obliged to remind members participating in the Riverwalk sales event to stay behind the tables at the booths and not in front of the booth blocking traffic.

 C. Cas Dunlap asked Art to describe the condition of the tents.  Art reported that the tents were badly worn and/or damaged and a GCA banner was missing.  Membership voted to replace 1 tents and 2 banners.  He will check on the condition of the second tent and report on its condition later.

 D. Susan Anderson offered to host the GCA website free with her husband’s company at a savings of $120 per year.  Membership applauded.  

E. Patti Gauvin asked how to get her book on the GCA website.  New members should contact Mae Adkinson, webmaster at and send bio and book info.  

F. Art Giberson requested that the Minutes be available to the membership a  week after each meeting and again one week before the next meeting.  Suggestion was made and approved to post the Minutes on the GCA website. 

G. George Tate announced the publication of his new book, Twice a Princess published by Xlibris and shared a press release. Membership congratulated him.

 H. Pete Booth shared a booklet he created for a UWF class he taught on creative writing.  It contains the several GCA authors’ responses to his interview about why and how they published their books along  with a recommended reading list.  Suggestion was made and approved to submit the information to the webmaster to post on the GCA website.

 G. Anne Dunlap reported about her inquiry to purchase a credit card machine. The expense would be, $20.00, per month plus a $25.00 minimum use fee.  The one time cost of the handheld device was approximately $300.00.  Membership decided that the expense was greater than the need and voted not to purchase.

 H. Art Giberson requested a list of the approved sales venues for the current year be included in the Minutes.  (see attached list)

I.  Susan Lewis described the success of the Childrens’ Poetry Contest in partnership with the WFLF, during which 700 poems were read by the judges. The awards ceremony will be held at Books-a-Million on April 30, 2011. GCA are strongly encouraged to attend the ceremony to inspire the winners and all participants to continue writing.

 J. Anne Dunlap praised Jan Hall and Susan Lewis for their work with the children, and Susan Lewis for securing a $750 grant to publish the winners poems.


New members include:  Susan Anderson, Al Baggott, Tommie Lyn Blackburn, and Patti Gauvin.

VII. Art Giberson made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Tex Atkinson seconded it.  The meeting was concluded at approximately 5:20 p.m..


Charlie Davis, Secretary